The Israeli Quilters Association was founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote the art of Patchwork and Quilting in Israel and to connect to the international quilting world.

The art of Patchwork, including Quilting is basically the joining of fabric in traditional or innovative ways either by hand or by machine to produce bed-covers, and wall-hangings.  Quilting is the stitching which holds the three layers of the quilt ‘sandwich’ together while forming a decorative design. Quilting can be done either by hand or machine.  Quilts are exhibited in museums and at changing exhibitions all over the world.

The members of the I.Q.A. are women of all ages from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and occupations and from all regions of the country.  For most Quilting is a hobby, though there are some who are involved in quilting on a professional level.