A non-profit committee is elected and all his work is done voluntarily.
The funds available to the association come mainly from annual dues.

Here are the names of the Association of Roles-bearing Members:
Judith Rosenthal – Speaker 050-7811223
Rebecca Hamdeni – Secretary 052-2954800
Gail Salomon – Treasurer 050-5897404
Rachel Rivnicker – Protocol and Information Register 052-2261772
Smadar Eritz – Financial Management 054-8090222
Bylaws Committee – Shoshi Rimer, Aliza Zamir
Audit Committee – Shoshi Rimer, Avrahami Squad

Editor-in-Chief – Rebecca Ben Sasson
Newspaper system companies – Yael Kaplan, Nehama Yeselzon
Editor of the Association website – Nitsa Waldman

The association is active on three levels:
1. National activity, which includes: holding lectures, organizing workshops and exhibitions, and producing newspaper and information.
2. Local activities of groups across the country, where the emphasis is on social gathering, collaborative creation and preparation of works using traditional and artistic methods for personal exhibitions as well as for charitable purposes (donations to hospitals and aid centers).
3. International operations.