“A tribute to the traditional Quilt”
Cole calls to attend the annual show

Reminder to participants about the show schedule:
Payment of registration fee of NIS 50 – immediate
Deadline for submitting a thesis And registration forms – 15.11.19
Deadline for submitting the works themselves – 28.11.19

Collection Stations: Ronit Eilat – Rosh Pina
                   Studio Nasi – Bustan Hagalil
                   Hava Katzir Studio – Mevaseret Jerusalem
                   And with Etti David – until November 24, 1919
The exhibition will be on display in the Jerusalem Theater lobby in December 2019

For centuries, artists create patchwork in various techniques that have repetition, symmetry, rules and rules. This exhibition invites you to create works in traditional techniques, or in a space beyond traditional, where the traditional is inspiring, present, discovering, implicit.

We invite you to use traditional techniques such as: baby block, drunken lane, base 9 squares, New York wheels, Dresden plate, wedding rings, app like Baltimore and others.
The walk beyond the traditional example can be expressed in the choice of fabrics and colors, in relation to the example background, in combination of 2 techniques, in the form of sewing and more.

Submission of work:

You can submit one work specifically done for this exhibition or prepared in the last two years and not exhibited in exhibitions in Israel or abroad.
Dimensions: 100 cm minimum, 130 cm maximum
You can use a variety of traditional and artistic techniques
A label with the job details must be affixed to the back of the work: the name of the work, the name of the creator, city of residence and dimensions.
When submitting the work, cover the label with a sealed cloth
The top and bottom sleeve 10 cm wide must be attached to the back of the work
Two (non-circular) rods must be attached to the hanging (one rod must have hooks attached at both ends) on which the creator’s name is inscribed.
It is advisable to submit the work and rods in a carrying case that also has the name of the creator. The length of the carrying case will be the length of the rods. No packaged work will be accepted in plastic bags.
The work must be submitted along with a business card detailing dimensions, techniques, materials.
The business card should also refer to the traditional technique used as the basis for work and execution
For those who decide to prepare work beyond the traditional – a clear and visible expression of the traditional block on which the work is based must still be given.
Do not frame work
Purchased panels should not be used.
Copyright should be ascertained in case of use of texts and / or logos.
You must specify a name that is tailor-made if you do not sew the work

Participation fee and payment method:
Registration fee: NIS 50 Participation fee: NIS 250
Registration fee will not be refunded. Participation fee will be refunded if work is not accepted.
Upon submission of the work, a bank transfer of NIS 50 to Bank Account No. 245884 must be made to Bank Hapoalim (12) at branch 448 Mevaseret Jerusalem.
Upon receipt of a permit to present the work in the exhibition, a bank transfer of NIS 250 must be made to the above association’s account.

Submission of forms and identity cards (כרטיס ביקור) until 15.11.2019
The deadline for submitting the works will be November 28, 2019.
Notice of Receipt of Work for Exhibition: Will be emailed to companies up to one week prior to the exhibition.

An evaluation form will be attached to work returned to the company. In light of questions that arose in the previous exhibitions, we would like to clarify: Every criterion tested by the judging team receives a score.


Only works undergoing judgments will be placed on the show. Judging criteria and names of judges will be posted below. The judges’ decision must not be appealed.
The curator of the exhibition determines the location of the hanging and its decision should not be challenged.
Fill in the 2 forms below:
1. Link to registration form. *The payment should be done as written before.
2. Link to fill out a “business card” of the work.

Best wishes and good luck to the Participants