In our annual exhibition



The exhibition will take place in the lobby of the Jerusalem Theater. The exact date will be announced later on.

The title of our exhibition is the Hebrew root of the word alone, lonely, loneliness. The coronavirus pandemic has challenged us with the need for social distancing, for staying at  home ,  locked down and isolated. Being alone and lonely has many aspects. The feeling of loneliness is very subjective and is not always the result of just being alone. The currant need to interact through transparent screens, unhappy relationships, unsatisfactory social ties, and feeling strange, distant, or different are all factors that influence the feeling of loneliness.


  • One work that has been created for this exhibition or during the last two years and has never been exhibited.
  • Dimensions: 70 cm minimum [horizontal or vertical] x 130 cm [horizontal or vertical] maximum.
  • All techniques are acceptable: traditional, modern, contemporary, art. You can incorporate other mediums of your choice, not only fabric.
  • Attach a label with the following details: name of artwork, name of artist, city, and dimensions
  • At the time of presentation cover the label with an opaque cover
  • Attach a 10 cm wide fabric sleeve at the length of the top and bottom
  • Provide two hanging rods [not round] with hooks attached at the ends, with your name written on the rods.
  • Present the artwork in a case with your name written prominently on it. [The case should be the length of the rods.] Works in a plastic bag will not be accepted.
  • Present the artwork with a written personal statement. Add details of the measurements, various materials used, and your inspiration. [An example and registration form will follow the call for entry.] Use of commercially prepared panels won’t be allowed.Check copyright restrictions if using logos or quotations.
  • Give credit to the quilter if the artwork was quilted by someone else.
  • You should not put the quilt in a frame.


Registration fee: 50 IS [not refundable]

Participation fee 200 IS [will be refunded if the quilt is not accepted]

Time Table:

  • Registration and quilt ID will be done online on the IQA website:
  • We will notify when the registration is open. Registration will end 15.11.21
  • Gathering the quilts at the general assembly 18.11.21
  • Quilts may be brought to drop off points until 9.12.21
  • Quilts may be brought to board members until 12.12.21.
  • We will begin hanging the quilts in the Jerusalem theater on 26.12.21

Much success and best of luck to all,

The Board Members