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 Hava Katzir’s Tip

How to keep double-sided adhesive
1. It is recommended to make a box where all the fabrics with double-sided adhesive will be kept.
The paste is actually a polymer that in its cold state is not sticky at all! Only the ironing will stick, so there is no need to keep fabrics without the paper. The paper is used as a buffer to safely paste. It is desirable to have paper there but you do not have to throw away any leftover paper!
2. Painted fabrics used (with or without glue ..) It is very useful to wash with color-capturing pages (I buy the cheapest ones – everyone does the work!)

Kelly Pederson Hanson and Aurora Sisneros from National Quilter’s Circle, teach you some of the various general quilting and sewing tips, tricks and techniques that they like to utilize when working on their quilting projects, as well as helpful products including tools, organizers, carry bags, miniature irons and graph books.