Ester Malka / Marta Kapusta

My blessings


100% Cotton


Stitch and Slash, Interlace

מקור ההשראה:

When I read the title "A Few of my Favorite Things" I thought about it and realized that my favorite things are NOT THINGS but PEOPLE. When I gave priority to the people I love (family and friends) at the top of my list was my husband (of course), my children and my adorable grandchildren (of course). It was easy for me to decide that my family will be the subject of my quilt. I live in Houston, TX with my husband, but my 3 children and their families live in Washington, DC, New York and Berlin, Germany. In my design I represented each member of my family with a heart (love), but I could not avoid the influence that the pandemic of Covid-19 had on me. I put the hearts in enclosed shapes to show them in their home/in a safe place, and the shapes in three rows to represent the towns where they live. To make sure it made sense, I consulted my oldest grandson Boaz, (via zoom) and he loved my idea, but I missed a small detail: I did not include a place for my going to be born in Berlin new granddaughter. My quilt was left on a side while I started to look for solutions to different problems created the pandemic, for example how to get to Berlin to help with the newborn baby and big brother Asher, when Europe was close to Americans like me. We were not able to travel but we received our beautiful and healthy Talya Rose virtually. She brought to the entire family all the “honey” we needed to make us happy and wish to meet her when the risk of travelling is not be so high. So, Talya was born, everyone was fine, and the quilt was still sitting on a side. But what better occasion to honor my family than when we add a new member? I shuffle things around the quilt and found a place for Talya (it is the smallest heart that you can see in the quilt), but still I was missing a place for me and my husband hearts. This time I “consulted” my 4 years old grandson Gavi, who knows a lot about patterns and colors. After showing the top of the quilt and explaining my idea, he said “I see the pattern, you can put your heart and Zeide’s on the top rainbow, make yours red and his green”. And he was right, that was what I was thinking to do before I called him and that is what I did to complete my family quilt. So, my quilt represents MY BLESSINGS/my family. I made it for them and they were my motivation. I feel blessed for having them, even when we are long distance from each other we can inspire each other just by a virtual touch

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